I remember as a little kid building model cars of all my favorite Raceway Park drivers. I think most kids that went to race tracks did that. As I got older I grew out of it but have since returned to doing so. I like building not only race cars, but racing dioramas which consist of not only race cars but garages or race shops where the cars would get worked on along with people and tools. I'm not that great at it but I really enjoy doing it. When I first got into dioramas trying to find 1/24 & 1/25 scale items was hard to do. Since then I have found a few places that may be able to help. Of course there is always E-bay which has tons of items to help you or your local hobby store may be able to help. I will be posting some pictures soon of some of the projects I'm working on. Please feel free to send in your photos as well of any local racing related model or diorama. If you have any links to sites that sell diorama items send them in.
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1/24-1/25 Scale
Two Bay Race Shop
Holds 4 Cars With Ease
Made From Wood
1 Foot x 2 Foot Base
Walls 4 Inches High
Roof 7 1/2 Inches High
At Highest Point

2 Removable Roof Flaps
(Not Shown)

Includes ....
(1) 1-Car Garage
Door Opening
(1) 2-Car Garage
Door Opening
(1) Front Door Opening
(2) Side Windows
Rafters On One Side
Work Benches
Work Shelves

One of my first garages
1/24-1/25 Scale
Four Bay Race Shop
Holds 6 Cars With Ease
Made From Wood
2 Foot x 2 Foot Base
Walls 7 Inches High

1 Removable Roof Flap
(Not Shown)

Includes ....
(4) 1-Car Garage
Door Openings
(1) Office Door Opening
(2) Outside Bathroom
Door Openings
(2) Side Windows
Work Benches
Work Shelves
Tire Racks
Kevin Reidy #0
Petty Enterprises - 1970
Bud Koehler #77
Ed Hoffman #1
Dave Weltmeyer #16
Larry Schuler #30
Jerry Kemperman #6
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